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Patrick Brown, LMP

   I studied Massage Therapy at Everest College, Fife WA  It is important to take care of your body for a happy life

therefore we are making life more enjoyable My passion
 has always been helping others feel better or making life
easier for them, and I firmly believe in helping the body
heal itself. I moved to the US in 2009 from Germany, where I studied social care for several years, and worked as a nurse specialized in elderly, child and mental disability care. I am half German and half American and fluent in both languages. I still do caregiving, since I will always enjoy helping the elderly and disabled.

 I am married and we are raising a beautiful boy who was born in January 2010. I started massaging early 2010 and graduated from Everest College as valedictorian and have found that medical Treatment massage is the field that I belong in. In 2011 I started working with a chiropractor, which gave me the ability to work on a variety of patient with different issues. I devote most of my time to my patients and treat them as if they were my own family. I promise that I will not disappoint you and will be honored to have you as a future patient.

Alicia Obrien, LMP

Has been practicing Massage therapy for nearly 10 years. She graduated massage school from Clover Park Technical college and received her Associates in Arts and Science degree from Tacoma Community College. Alicia is very motivated and caring and is taking this passion on another journey as she is currently attending school to achieve her nursing license.

Alicia decided at an early age that she wanted to focus her life towards the Health field and helping people. It has been a goal to help aid in the healing process of those that are injured, have chronic pain, suffering from an illness, and that are stressed. Alicia has learned that, massage therapy is beneficial for those that are stressed, have chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, sciatic pain, tension and hypertonic muscles, tension headaches, bad circulation, anxiety and depression. Massage can also increase one’s mood, aid in relaxing and rejuvenating a person.

Chiropractic and massage therapy work hand in hand together. While Dr. Lahoe concentrates on the spine, Alicia concentrates on the muscles. Massage can loosen the muscles to make the chiropractic adjustment smoother and chiropractic realigns the spine and puts everything back into place. According to Alicia; The most rewarding thing of being a Massage Therapist, is when patients tell they are pain free due to the treatment they have received.